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Atmosphere, Weather and Climate

Atmosphere, Weather and Climate by Rodger Barry, Richard Chorley

Atmosphere, Weather and Climate presents a comprehensive introduction to weather processes and climatic conditions around the world, their observed changes and projected future trends. A bible of meteorology.

Paperback, 472 pages, (August 28, 2003).

The Weather Handbook

The Weather Handbook by Alan Watts

This book is for anyone who finds general weather forecasts frustrating because they don't give sufficient local detail. It answers such questions as: is it likely to rain, be sunny or windy? Will it be a good day at the beach? Should I take an umbrella to work? Will there be plenty of wind for sailing? Should I water the lawn?

Paperback, 160 pages, (July 5, 2004).

Cambridge Guide to the Weather

The Cambridge Guide to the Weather by Ross Reynolds

A practical guide to observing, measuring and understanding the weather. Aimed at all those who enjoy the outdoors, such as sailors, walkers, climbers and birdwatchers, this book is also useful as an aid to planning holidays throughout the world, with handy country-by-country climate guides and statistics, along with in-depth explanations of global weather patterns.

Paperback, 192 pages, (April 2000).